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Daddy Donte

Great catch by sawlost who noticed a very special news update on Facebook last night.

Donte Greene is a father. (Facebook login)

Did you know about this?  I didn't know about this.  But it raises an interesting this part of the reason Donte went pro? Probably not but its a fun exercise.

Using my preggers-math, Unknown Donte Baby Mama got pregnant around April.  Give it a few weeks for Mom to realize she's pregnant and confirm it, and that means Donte would have probably known for sure around mid-May.  Donte announced he was going to test the waters the first week of April. He then confirmed he was going pro for sure at the end of May.  Hmmm....

In all likelihood, the two are unrelated.  Or perhaps the new development is due to some post-declaration celebrating.  Who knows.  But we wish Donte congrats on his new baby and we're kinda glad now he's out of Reno.  Doesn't seem like the kind of place to raise children:

Update:  Leave it to those muckrackers over at the D.O. to already have the full story on this:

When he talks about the lack of playing time, he plays with his black Kings long-sleeved pullover and looks down. He has a fohawk and wears two rewards for the two-year, $1.8 million guaranteed contract he received as the 25th overall pick in the NBA draft: studded earrings. He bought a place in Sacramento for his fiancée, Kissiah Johnson, and him. Oh yeah, he's engaged to be married. Has been since January. And there's a son on the way, too. Donte II is due around Donte Greene's 21st birthday Feb. 21.

Newspapers, is there anything they can't do?