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Paul Harris Confirms Place As Greatest Person Ever

Not too long ago I opined on Paul Harris' greatness and wondered if he was in fact the greatest of all people.  It was possible but still up for debate.

Debate over.

1. WHAT?

2. Do you think that big poster of Paul is always hanging in his living room?  Me too.

3. Is Paul's apartment covered in photos of himself?  I've dated a lot of girls just like Paul Harris.

4. Where did the uni that Paul was carrying in the beginning go?  He comes down the stairs in a Generals jacket.  Why tease, Paul?

5.  No, white guy.  No.

6. Ryan Miller's explanation of where the video came from, which is bookended by the following two sentances:

On my way home from the outlet mall last night, I realized I had a voicemail on my cell phone, and it was from Paul Harris.


I'm still wondering why he didn't contact me to be in this video to give it more street cred.

So asks the guy who just bought $200 worth of discounted Izod shirts.