Is This Why Donte Went Pro?

I just opened up facebook, and like plenty others have experienced with being friends with members of the Syracuse basketball team, you get news feed updates from them.

Well what do I find when I open up facebook in the middle of the night?  This status update from Donte Greene:

Donte Greene is a proud father!!!!!!!!

Well now, this news becomes facebook public in January.  He officially declared for the draft in April.  April was 9 months ago...

I am one who thought he definitely should have stayed in school, but honestly, if part of the reason he went pro is because this happened and he wanted to be able to provide for the child he knew was on the way, I think I can be a little more accepting.

Also, it could be that this happened soon after declaring (and now that I think about the timeline more it probably is the case)...but at any rate it is still probably good that he went pro.

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