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Kragthorpe Coaches The Basketball Team Too, Right?

I've about had it with Syracuse. When they're not beating us and ruining our season, they're injuring our star quarterback, and when they're not injuring our star quarterback, they're keeping the game embarrassingly close, and now when we're not even close to playing actual games, they're stealing our recruits.

That's Mike over at Card Chronicle reminding SU football fans that, believe it or not, we own Louisville in that sport.  The one with the orange, round ball is a different story.

The Cardinals have won two straight over SU, including a 61-50 win last year in Louisville.  The Ville owns an 8-4 advantage in the series.  The only advantage the Orange have is when they play at home, where they have won 3 of 4 meetings. 

That's an especially important stat given that so far the Orange have proven themselves to be rather inept on the road in important Big East games.  That unfortunately puts a lot of pressure on the Orange to win each and every home game, a feat that seems unlikely in a conference like this.

More than anything though, the Orange just don't want to start their first losing streak of the season. Coach Boeheim is keeping his chin up and his team's:

"What I told the players is, 'We're 17-3, we're 5-2,'" Boeheim said. "That's better than we're supposed to be. You just have to look at it that way. You have to understand where you are. It's frustrating when you lose any game, one game. But you have to understand where you are, get ready for the next game."

Louisville comes into the game feeling damn good about themselves.  5-0 in the conference, ranked #9 in the country.  The winner of this game will (probably) remain in the top ten while the loser will tumble out (the Orange might anyway).  They looked dominating against Rutgers on Tuesday but then again that was Rutgers.

If you're attending the game, and judging by the estimates, you probably are...bring your orange shirt.   Say hi to Jim Burr for me.  I'll be MIA for the weekend so search out the appropriate chats where you can.  As a special bonus, the folks over at FingerLakes1, home of Kenny's 2 Pennies, will be "live-streaming" their day at the Dome.  Every few minutes they'll update the page with videos before, during and after the game.  Cool.