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Are You A Recruit? Doug Marrone Is Probably Outside Your House Right Now.

Donnie Webb went to town today rounding up all of the recruiting news coming out of Syracuse Football.  Some tidbits...

Offensive lineman Justin Pugh, who was recruited by Greg Robinson's staff, is still on board after being re-recruited by Marrone's.  Well I'm glad at lease SOMEONE decided to stick around.

You've probably been hearing a lot about Charlie Loeb, a QB Su has apparently had it's eye on.  Oh, and he's "ridiculously good looking," if that helps.  SU is in the mix, but not as much as you might have heard:

Lawrence Academy head coach Mike Taylor said last night that Syracuse made an query "awhile back" into quarterback Charlie Loeb, though he added that "I don't know if Syracuse is in the forefront right now." Taylor said Miami and Ole Miss were involved with a player he said "flew under the radar" of all recruiters.

While the recruiting wars rage on, the transfer war continues as well.  SU missed out on Vidal Hazelton but still might be in the hunt fgor Miami's Robert Marve.  If that doesn't work out, what about North Carolina's Mike Paulus?

Former Christian Brothers Academy quarterback Mike Paulus finds himself settling into an uncomfortable spot on the depth chart for the University of North Carolina football team. And that opens up the door of speculation that Paulus could be exploring looking around at other schools to play. And one of those places might be Syracuse, since the previous staff recruited Paulus hard and three of his CBA teammates - all wide receivers - were on last season's Orange roster.

Paulus has at least another two years on the bench to look forward to.  Transferring could get him some PT a lot quicker.  He hasn't asked for a transfer yet but according to his high school coach, Joe "You tell him I'm breathing down his throat"" Casamento, Paulus is weighing his options.  But Donnie thinks it's probably all smoke and mirrors:

If you're into reading between the lines - and that's what we've got to go here - sure does sound like Syracuse might be saying, not interested. On one hand, the Orange may be involved with University of Miami transfer quarterback Robert Marve. On another, the Orange is involved with high school quarterback Charlie Loeb of Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts. Paulus? He's being advised to sit tight. If the door was truly open at Syracuse or another school, would Mike have returned to Chapel Hill between semesters?

To be continued...