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Re-Commence Your Hookahing!

After two months of renovations and revisions after a fire closed it down, Hollywood Hookah is again open for business

Niko Rechul, co-owner of the hookah bar and a player on the Syracuse University football team, said he spent most of break fireproofing the lounge so he could get a permit to reopen it.

Rechul replaced all the equipment in the business' back room - where the coals are stored - with stainless steel so nothing would catch fire. He had to put up exit signs and create a plan to train his 10 to 15 employees on how to handle smoldering coals.

Obviously, the best part of the article is the fact that, previously, there were no sprinklers or smoke detectors in this place of business where people light things on fire and smoke them.

Rechul said he and co-owner Mikhail Marinovich, also a player on the SU football team, were unaware that they had to place both smoke detectors and sprinklers in the hookah bar.