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  • Brian at Orange44 asks the questions, I answer them.  You know the drill by now...Orange44
  • What should the Daily Orange pullout poster say or be for the Louisville game?...D.O. Sports Blog
  • Syracuse is the 29th most prestigious football program in the nation...ESPN
  • Cuse is a 3-seed in this Bracketology...The Slipper Still Fits
  • Scroll down to catch a certain Syracuse radio personality mid-lick...Orange44
  • Some props for the folks behind the Orange-Out...The Axeman
  • Not everyone in the building on February 14th will be Oranging-Out...HoyaSuxa
  • Cuse fans react to the "Restore 44" discussion...The Axeman
  • Donte Greene is back in Sacramento.  Reno wasn't big enough for three Cusians...InsideHoops
  • A handy-dandy list of SU's current football commitments...Donnie Webb

The Syracuse-related part of this video happens between 4:50 and 5:05 but honestly, that's the least interesting section of the entire thing.  In're welcome: