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All Your Big East Recruits Are Belong To Us

Last week Doug Marrone's staff was able to persuade OL Zack Chibane to change his mind from attending USF and come to SU instead.  Dougles wasn't done pilfering recruits from his rivals just yet.

Cornerback Shamarko Thomas of Ocean Lakes High School in Virginia Beach, Va., said Tuesday night he has made a verbal commitment to sign with the Orange. Thomas previously committed to play for Louisville, but said he changed his mind after the Cardinals coach in charge of recruiting him, Eric Lewis, left to become defensive coordinator at Eastern Michigan.

Scott Shafer led the charge on this one.  Thomas, who has played corner and safety in high school, says Marrone and his staff just told the truth and that's what sold him:

"He speaks the truth," Thomas said of Marrone. "He told me how he was raised, how he's brought people up in my situation and made them better. He's all for the players and stuff. They stayed truthful. They told me they were going to keep me right, keep my grades on and my degree comes first and football comes second."

Shamarko and his hair are rated as a 2-star recruit from Rivals.