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Tripping Out

The ruling has come down from high in TripGenoGate, and it is fair and keeping with what you expect to be the punishment for wanting to trip Geno Auriemma:

Big East Commissioner Michael Tranghese announced Tuesday that "no action will be taken by the conference" in Saturday's handshake-line incident between Connecticut women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma and Syracuse player Nicole Michael.

When initially asked about the incident, Auriemma smugly tried to plead that he had no idea where it all came from.  Today on ESPN, he came clean...and still came off like a smug c***knocker:

"I probably shouldn't have, you know, taken an opportunity to say, 'Hey, if you're going to be in the shake-hands line, you know, have a little more respect for adults.' I probably should have just kept my mouth shut and not said anything. Then, when I left, there was a little toe dancing it seemed like. I don't know what happened, but it was nothing more than that."

I didn't actually see the video of Geno saying this but I imagine he was smiling at the time.  Ugh.

My favorite part of the article has to be Coach Q's reaction to the decision. 

SU coach Quentin Hillsman released a statement Monday saying that he didn't believe talking about the issue would be beneficial to either university.

While releasing that statement, Quentin was holding a lead pipe in one hand and smacking it repeatedly into the other hand.  Wanna make something of it????


Didn't think so.