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Robinson To Michigan: A Nation Reacts

First of all, Robinson an excellent choice for Wolverines.  O RLY?

Michigan fans shouldn't worry about Robinson's 10-37 record at Syracuse.

Oh, I think they should. But don't tell that to Michigan folks, who have completely talked themselves into this as the greatest to happen in...hours.

I like this hire. If things go as well as I hope, I may wind up loving this hire. makes...sense.

Then there's Black Show Diaries, who loves the move but for entirely different reasons:

It turns out God does answer prayer. Unless you are from Michigan. Then he gives you a small penis, a blog, a crappy defensive coordinator, and laughs in your face.

As for how Nittany Nation feels in general about the move, I'll let commenter Cairo sum it up:

I could fart cash right now and not be any happier.

That would present a dilemma, for sure.

EDSBS makes a good point, that Greggers is probably back where he belongs:

This points clearly to the man being a football functionary who, when promoted to the level of his incompetence, lived up to that incompetence to the fullest, and has now bumped back down to his maximum efficient level of performance: assistant.

Fanhouse makes the point that RichRod might have just put his career in the hands of Greganoots:

There may not be a bigger hire made in Rodriguez's tenure at Michigan -- you have to figure Robinson will get at least two years to turn around what was a horribly disappointing Wolverine defense. By that time, Rodriguez will have served three years in Ann Arbor. If the defense and, consequently, the entire Michigan program is not more successful by that time, both coaches will find their jobs in jeopardy.

Greg, I truly do wish you well at Michigan.  And I hope he does well.  But anyone who "loves" this move doesn't really understand Greg Robinson's pre-Syracuse career.  It's alright though Greg...we'll always have that magical night together...