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Good Lord No, Scoop! Stick To Stripes.

Earlier today I put the call out to see if anyone could find photos of Scoop Jardine's outfit from the Notre Dame game.  Surely there must be someone who got a good look at whatever bad look Scoop had going on.  Thanks to those of you who sent in some faraway shots.  But it's John Brennan who wins the chicken dinner for the clearest photo of the monstrosity.


I didn't realize Scoop was also playing soccer for The Republic of Chad.

Scoopers, please, you're very good at what you do...wearing horizontally-striped polo shirts.  It's fine to take risks from time to time but think about taking a calculated one next time.  Like for instance, wearing one of your patented stripy polos is like spending a quiet night at home eating a cheesesteak that you purchased yourself.  Wearing...that like spending the night with strange women buying cheesesteaks with another student's ID card.

Calculated risks...