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He's Your Problem Now, Michigan

Not sure how this turned into such a heavy Greg Robinson day, but, the fun continues...

According to Brian at MGoBlog, Greg Robinson will be the next Defensive Coordinator at Michigan.

Two reliable sources are reporting that Greg Robinson is indeed the guy at defensive coordinator; unless there's an unexpected derailment an official confirmation should come sometime soon. (Bonus, ethically dubious confirmation can be found at Maize 'n' Brew, which relays some goings-on at the premium sites.)

I've said my piece on Robinson already—in a word: yikes—and am pretty skeptical of the hire. However, I am not a football coach or even that familiar with Robinson's work except in a macro "holy God what happened to Syracuse?" sense. Rich Rodriguez is, and he's basically gambled his career on his future performance. All hail Gamblor!

Our two football programs will now be instrically tied to one-another for the foreseeable future.  Not only is our former coach their new DC but their former DC is now ours.  First one to a Champs Sports Bowl wins!

Some advice, Michigan fans.  If you prefer your answers and explanations to be in concise, well-crafted, specific formats...get over it.  Now.  You'll be the better for it in the future. 

And Brian, it's your responsibility now to carry the Gregism torch high.  Fight that fight.

(Be sure to check the comments and watch the Michigan fans talk themselves into Greggers)

H/T: Dan

Update - It's official official. Teeheeheehee.  Check out the stats used to "show off" Greg's time at SU:

Syracuse's 2.83 sacks per game ranked 19th nationally in 2006 ... Syracuse tied for 23rd in Division I-A victory improvement in 2006 ... The 2005, defensive unit ranked 21st in pass defense and 37th in pass efficiency defense, climbing from 2004 rankings of 90th and 97th, respectively.