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Once You've Been Touched By Greggers, You Can't Be Untouched

Sorry Leavander Jones.  I know you gave SU a verbal commitment back in June and were excited by the possibilty of playing in a spread offense, but, we're looking elsewhere.

You can scratch wide receiver Leavander Jones of Atlantic City. His offer was rescinded, just like Garrett Barnas, Derrell Person and Raheem Cardwell. All four players made verbal commitments to sign with Syracuse under the old staff. All were re-evaluated by the new staff, which decided they weren't in the plans.

Clearly, Doug Marrone and Greg Robinson had different ideas about the future of the program.  And I'm fine with that.  Still, that sucks for Leavander...pretty sure he spent the last six months filling out his wardrobe with orange clothing.  

Some other football news and nuggets courtesy of Donald Webb:

Another quarterback has landed on the Syracuse radar - Charley Loeb of Groton, Mass. Loeb's a lefty and tells an Ole Miss web site (how weird is this) that he's visiting Marroneville this month.

Donnie's right, couple this with the Marve interest, and QB is a hot spot for us.  Just curious that we've passed on the ones we've passed on before now.

Could Mitch Browning land at Tennessee as a grad assistant?  Apparently so.  Hopefully there's a nice hotel room left in Knoxville.