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The Paul Harris Guarentee

If Paul Harris never wanted to play Pittsburgh again, I wouldn't blame him.  They seem to bring out all of his bad games.  But in the immortal words of Greg Robinson, Paul is the Little Engine That Could and he thinks he can...he thinks he can.  And as long as he's not making guarentees about anything, that's great news.

(The Daily Orange whispers something in my air)

Oh. (Had an issue with the embed code so you're just gonna have to click through to watch it)

"I swear, man, I hope we play Pitt again, I swear.  I hope we play them in the Big East Tournament, I swear.  We play them, we're not gonna lose.  I'm gonna guarentee we beat them, I swear to God.  I want them again."

I wonder if he swears.

I feel bad for reporters sometimes cause they have ask dumb questions like "Why do you say that?" even though they already know the answer.  Not knocking the reporter, just must be annoying for all parties involved.  Anyway...why DID you say that, Paul?

"I never beaten them.  Just like I never beat Notre Dame til last game.  And if we play [Pittsburgh] again, trust me, I'ma come out and...(something)."

Sorry, last part was too low for me.  Actually, I'm fine with this.  I trust in Paul and he always follows up a bad game with a badass one, so expect him to score a quadruple-double against Louisville.  Also, here's the good news...

Paul Harris is not leaving early.  You can put it in your books.  This guy isn't leaving until he beats every single team in the Big East and then some.  Paul Harris has received his kick in the ass, and that's a good thing.