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Despite Evidence To The Contrary, Paul Harris Is Human

It's still not known if Paul Harris will be "out with a gash" this evening when Syracuse takes on South Florida.  Paul ripped open the ring finger on his shooting hand against Seton Hall and received six stitches.  Considering Paul Harris' skin is made from Bethlehem Steel and his blood flows at the speed of Mach 2, I can only assume those stitches are made of adamantium.

The Orange and Bulls tip it off at 8:30pm and the Orange will be looking to make up for last year's awkward loss to USF in Tampa.  Otherwise the Orange have won five of six from the Bulls and that trend should continue, assuming Andy Rautins continues to hit 47 three-pointers a game, Jonny Flynn does Jonny Flynn things, Rick Jackson continues to build on the quietest 12 & 10 season in Syracuse history and Eric Devendorf steers clear of the USF dance team.

We'll have a Live GameThread here, I'll try to swing by if I can.  My wife is healing from getting her wisdom teeth pulled earlier today so you can imagine I'm slightly distracted...  If you're looking for some in-game chatting, hop on over to Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos for that.  Check out your Scouting Report as well.

A win tonight and the Orange might be looking at a top ten ranking come Monday (assuming Jon Wilner fills out his poll correctly).  Am I crazy that crazy?