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When You Think Of The Civil Rights Movement, Think Of Andy Rautins

With Martin Luther King Day drawing to close, I think it's only right that we pause for reflection.  There's many things we should be thinking about.  Equal rights for all, the prosperity of our country and it's people, and how we can somehow shoehorn Syracuse Athletics into the proceedings.

Case and point, this poll on the TK99 Website:


My first question....WHAT?

My second question...wait, WHAT?

So many questions I don't even know where to start.  Let's start with, "In Honoring MLK..."???  In what dimension does a poll that includes a white Canadian with a fauxhawk as an option honor Martin Luther King?  MLK had a dream but I'm pretty sure it didn't involve Andy Rautins.  And why Andy and not Devo?  Or Kristof?  Or Rick Jackson!?!? 

I'd say something about the inclusion of James Arthur Boeheim if it wasn't for the completely out-of-nowhere inclusion of Governer Patterson!  How was THAT cut made?  Was it between Governer Patterson, Kristof!, Barack Obama and DOCTOR Gross? (I hope so).

Actually, I take that back.  Patterson is the only person in this poll that actually DOES make sense. 

I'm out of order??? This whole Instapoll is out of order!!!

For the record, Jim Boeheim is in the lead in the MLK-Honoring Poll.  Obviously.