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Ain't A Damn Thing Changed

The good thing about losing a Big East game early in the week in that you will almost always have the chance to make up for it later on.  Last week the Orange started off on a bad note, losing to Georgetown.  But by beating Notre Dame over the weekend, they rebounded and confirmed their place among the best.  As such, they didn't drop one spot this week in the AP and Coaches Polls. Now, someone needs to .explain why to Jay Bilas and Pat Forde

While the rest of the Big East shifted around them, the Orange remained #8 in both polls and they have a chance to make a move by beating former #1 and current #4 Pittsburgh tonight.  Other Big East rankees include #3 UConn, #9/#12 Louisville, #11/#10 Marquette, #12/#14 Georgetown, #19 Notre Dame and #20/#21 Villanova.

ONLY 8 Big East teams in the Top 25?  We're slippin...