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Nice Work, You

Some fantastic work by Cuse fans this past weekend at the SU-Notre Dame fan.  Especially these guys:


I am legitimately afraid of them.  And just happy they're on my side. 

Seriously, everyone was great...except this guy:


We'll work on him.  Still a lot of basketball to root for.  Work together, Cuse fans.  If the guy next to you needs a giant Orange foam finger, buy one for him.  If the little kid in front of you doesn't have an orange shirt, give him one of yours (recently laundered, please).  And if someone needs a little more blue on their nipple and you've got some extra body paint on you, help a brutha out.


I applaud the effort.  Just pull your pants up, please?  Check Orangey McCheckerUndies as well as many other SU fans in action below:

Syracuse University Orange Fans

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