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Geno Auriemma Be Trippin'

If Jim Boeheim is the Vito Corleone of the Syracuse Coaching Family, then surely Quentin Hillsman is the Sonny of the group (And Greggers was Fredo).  I mean, look at this guy:


If given the opportunity, he would gut you.

Coach Q has been all class so far in his job, but he has shown a penchant for the dramatic, notably during AlaskanCheatGate.  Seems like Q has a quick temper and sometimes it gets the better of him.  The fear when a coach has a bit of  a volatile streak is that you wonder if it'll rub off on his players or affect the way they go about their business. 

So that's something to keep in mind while you watch this video from the end of UConn's 107-53 slobberknocking of SU...

 First of all, let's settle this.  She tried to trip him.  Clearly.  Let's not mince words or waste time analyzing this zapruder-style.  (Too late, although 45 viewings does seem to confirm it.)

Let's also settle this.  Aureimma is a cock.  I don't think you need to know much about women's basketball or his history to know that.  He's like Bobby Knight, if Bobby Knight didn't have a sense of humor and was a hundred times cockier.  Check him out here gloating and complaining about the refs after the game, which his team won by 50.

He also smugly explains that he basically has no idea why Michaels would have been cross with him, which doesn't really seem to jive with the video where he obviously had some strong words for her in the handshake line.  Matt at the D.O. thinks she was offering up a very limp wrist on the handshake.

When confronted with the situation, Coach Q played the "I don't know what you're talking about" card, which is probably a good move.  Not sure why the reporter from the Hartford Courant felt the need to say he covers the Big East and not UConn, as if that makes him less of a jerk for having that tone he takes.  No problem asking the question, it's a fair one, but don't makes excuses for yourself.  Just makes it seem like your question is even more biased.

At the end of the day, bad form on Nicole Michaels.  Not only did you come off extremely unsportsmanlike but you turned Geno Auriemma into a sympathetic character, which is probably the greater offense. I don't think I'm going to go as far as YouTube commenter allycrombie33 who says "The Big East should investigate." shouldn't.  But if I'm Q, I make a statement about this kind of behavior in the future.  Geno's a dick but he's still a coach and an opponent.

Ultimtately we learned that it's going to take more than a little swipe to take Geno down.  Next time, SWEEP THE LEG.