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Seriously, SU Athletics...A White-Out?

I defer to SUFAN4LIFE34 to get this ball rolling:

So, I'm listening to the Jim Boeheim show earlier tonight and I'm losing myself in thought as I wonder if it is possible for JB to be less interested in talking to what must be the largest collection of moronic fans possible.  Fans that have the nerve to question JB on play calling, substitutions, and coaching in general.  After 10mins I realize they obviously are doing a poor job of screening the callers; then it hits me.  I should call in and talk about the ORANGEOUTTHEDOME (details available at with Jim.  So I do.  Thats when the bomb is dropped.  I ask Jim what he thinks about the grass roots campaign to orange out the dome on Feb. 14th.  Jim replys with, "Do you mean the white out?"  I said, "White out, no - we are are the Orange, we MUST orange out the dome."  Jim replies, "Well I heard we were getting white t-shirts to "white out" the Villanova game................"

Um...Syracuse Athletics, on behalf of every Syracuse fan who has ever lived and those who continue to live and support the university and it's sports programs, I say....


(I've been trying hard not to curse on the site recently but I'm sorry, SU Athletics, this is your fault).

Really?  Are you REALLY going to make me point out how insanely dumb it sounds to have a team called the Syracuse ORANGE and have the fans wear white shirts to support them?  And are you REALLY going to attempt to do this against Villanova, a team that arguably could have their fans wear white too, hence making it look like the entire Carrier Dome is supporting Villanova?  And....WE'RE THE ORANGE YOU INSANE PEOPLE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Here's the best part...if you show up to the Villanova game wearing an Orange T-shirt, you will be handed a white shirt and expected to take off the orange one so that you can wear it.  Awesome.  And by awesome, I mean I HATE YOU.

If I had to guess, assuming this is true, they took one look at the pricetag for buying 20,000 colored T-shirts, compared it to the price tag for 20,000 white T-shirts and went low.  Blame the economy.

I REALLY, REALLY hope Jim's just out of the loop on this and misspoke.  If you thought the Ernie Davis statue turned into a national story that made SU look like a joke, wait til everyone gets a hold of this one.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready and put my green T-shirt on, I'm going to the Laker game tonight.