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Could Our Next QB Be Marve-lous?

You've probably heard the weird tale of former Miami QB Robert Marve and his quest to transfer.  The U basically said, "Sure thing, you can transfer, you just can't transfer to any school in Florida, the ACC or the SEC."  One on hand, you get their reason for doing so.  But on the other hand, considering Marve wanted to transfer in part to be near his family in Florida, it's rather cruel.  And besides, who cares where he goes, clearly you don't like he's good enough to be your QB anyway, right?

After a SU Judicial Board-esque panel heard the case, the restrictions were eased so that Marve could transfer to any SEC school other than Florida, Tennessee or LSU and he could transfer to UCF or USF, the situation was at least eased to the point where Marve could set out and find his new home.

The addition of USF to the list of schools Marve can transfer to might be cause for excitement in Tampa, where they're looking for Matt Grothe's heir apparent.  Instead, the Bulls are now wondering if they'll be seeing Marve lining up against them someday soon:

[Marve's high school coach Robert] Weiner said Saturday that Marve had targeted 10-12 schools, and mentioned four by name: the Big 12's high-scoring Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, as well as Purdue and Syracuse. Geographically, none are close to the Marves' Tampa home, so it would seem to go against the family's public statements about Marve's father battling prostate cancer and a desire to have Robert closer to home.

Syracuse has a new coach in Doug Marrone, with a senior starter likely this fall in Andrew Robinson -- little competition to suggest Marve couldn't be a two-year starter for the Orange.

Don't forget about Cam Dantley, but regardless it'ss a good point.  Marve, if he sat out this season, would be near the top of the list to be Syracuse's starter next season.  Cincy is apparently also on Marve's list and we've already learned that the Bearcats are in a great position to snag top transfers.

In the meantime, get to know Marve and don't forget that there's a reason (or two) that Marve is no longer the starter at the U.