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We Can Rebuild Andy Rautins. We Can Make Him Strong, Faster, Better Than He Was Before...

If it's up to Jim Boeheim, and it pretty much is, Andy Rautins will play tomorrow against Notre Dame:

Well it looks like, from what I’ve heard, that he will be able to play Saturday. He’s got nothing, no damage. He’s got a slight sprain or bruise. He’s walking now, as we speak. We anticipate he’ll be able to do some stuff today, and maybe even practice. We’re hoping he’ll practice tomorrow.

He's walking!?!?  It IS a Christmas miracle!!!

Boeheim said Rautins could have played in the 2nd half of the Georgetown game but Jimmy didn't want to risk it.  Plus, would it have mattered? 

Andy won't be the only person there tomorrow night.  Folks have been wondering for weeks where the Dome crowds are?  Apparently, they've been waiting for this game:

Big East spokesman John Paquette said 26,000 tickets have already been sold for the SU vs. Notre Dame game. That number marks the biggest Big East crowd of the year thus far.

Good work, all.