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No Moore

Clayton Moore, the highly-touted Mississippi QB who threw himself at Syracuse University in hopes that we'd take him home, turn on a little Craig David, whisper sweet-nothings in his ear and give him a tour of our apartment that just so happens to end with our bedroom, will be attending Ole Miss after all.  We never called...

Good work by Tyler Dunne over at the D.O. Sports Blog (who have been killin' it the last couple days FYI).  Dunne spoke with Moore to get the straight poop.

Despite his big ties with new offensive coordinator Rob Spence, SU isn’t interested. I just got off the phone with Moore now and he said he is enrolling at Ole Miss tomorrow. After taking an unofficial visit to SU last week and sending them highlight tapes via mail, Syracuse never called him back.

“(Ole Miss) was my backup plan,” Moore said. “I wanted an offer from a BCS school. Syracuse was my last resort and it fell through.”

It's so tough to second-guess when it comes to the recruiting game.  Whose to say what the coaching staff saw in Moore.  Maybe there's more to that incident with his coach then we know about.  Who knows.  All I do know if that Moore is the second highly-thought-of QB that Marrone et al. have turned away in the last month.  And last time I checked, we weren't exactly overflowing with security in our currently set.  Curious.

Moore's going to enroll at Ole Miss and walk-on to the team.  The Rebs rescinded their scholarship offer after he got into some sort of altercation with his high school coach and got booted from the team.  Get the whole story here and pray to God that Moore doesn't end up being Colt Brennan II.