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  • See this is why I couldn't play college football.  Team meetings at 5:30am...Daily Orange Sports Blog
  • SU lacrosse will have two games televised on ESPNU...D.O. Sports Blog
  • Syracuse will win the Big East because...Bleacher Report
  • Rob Konrad shares his thoughts on the #44 issue in a well-written statement that says everything except his thoughts...Donnie Webb
  • Finally, Harrison chimes in on "the fall heard round the Dome."  No video, alas...Orange44
  • An early look at the 2009 Big East quarterback situation...Brian Bennett
  • Is this the legal footing that will eventually bring down the BCS?...The Rivalry, Esq.

Is that an issue of The Carrier Dome Times-Picayune behind Kenny's head in the intro?  Great newspaper.  Very impartial.