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Wes Johnson Always Bets On Black

Donna Ditota posted a fun story today around the SU basketball team's feelings on Obama's inauguration, which will take place next week.  The team plays in the nation's capitol this Wednesday.  Some choice nuggets ahead.  First up, Devo...

"I don't think we'll have very much to do with it, but it's definitely a big time of the year to be down there."

You mean DOCTOR Gross isn't going along as well in an attempt to get the Orange, or at least himself, up on the stage with Barack?  I'm shocked.  Next up, Jonny Flynn:

"I was thinking, 'What if he came to our game?'"

Hey, play your cards right and you may just meet him in the White House later this year...

My favorite, and most frightening, comment has to be Wes Johnson's thoughts on the matter which include a Freudian slip that just made the NCAA-violation-weary hairs on the back of my neck stand up:

...I grew up Democrat. So I voted Democrat. And my mom called me crying when they announced he was president. It's a big turning stone in American history. It's huge. I wish we could be down there to see it."

You know what they say.  A rolling point gathers no moss.

Jimmy B...Hops...I think we need to keep a close eye on Wes.  He's got gambling on the brain!!!  And it's Turning Stone's 2009 "Blizzard of Bucks" Winter Celebration right now...not good...

Curiously missing from the article is Kristof! who, although not an American, has voiced some right-leaning concerns on his Facebook page.  Damn the liberal media.  Once again, the voice of the conservative, gangly Belgians is silenced.