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I Should Have Hung Out With David Tyree More In College

The Giants didn't have the services of Super Bowl hero and former Syracuse star David Tyree this season.  They could have used his sure hands (and head) this past weekend.  But what is, is. 

Tyree is keeping his head up and his faith in a higher power that everything is happening for a reason and will lead to good things.  He lives a clean lifestyle, goes regularly to church and is an all-around good guy. He's put a life of deviant behavior behind him.  The drink, the drugs and the fornicating.  All done. 

That's nice, I'm sure he's very pleasant these days...

But man, did he sound like the funnest guy EVER in college or what?!?

Tyree woke up one morning and couldn't remember where he'd been or with whom. The one thing he knew for sure: he was naked.


Another time, another blackout, he came to covered in mud.


I was waiting for the paragraph of the time he woke up next to a half-eaten human body and a knife and fork in his hands but, alas...  Fingers crossed, he's just saving that story for the next book.