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Everyone Wants Them Some Syracuse

If Syracuse was the dorky science girl with a heart of gold, Doug Marrone is the football jock who, on a bet, came along and took off our glasses, let down our hair and gave us a skirt.  Now everybody wants to bone us and we're up for Homecoming Queen.  We're sitting at the top of the bleachers during a high school assembly and everyone wants to sit next to us and throw spitballs at nerds. 

First up is Nick Chestnut.  The former starting CB who was dismissed last season is getting a second chance, although it's not a lock apparently. 

Former starting cornerback Nick Chestnut is back in school for the spring semester. Chestnut was dismissed from the team for academic reasons following the 2007 season. A family friend said Chestnut has been invited to try out for the football team. Chestnut, who is from Houston, started 11 game in 2007. He has one season of eligiblity remaining.

Just keep Nick and Mike Williams away from each other, please? 

And then there's the curious case of Clayton Moore.  He who had offers on the table from a multitude of D-1 schools but decided to visit Syracuse on his own dime anyway.  Well now he's a recruit-in-waiting so to speak for the Orange as he awaits word on whether or not Doug Marrone gives the thumbs up to offer him a scholarship.

Asked if he thinks Syracuse will offer, Moore said, "I feel strongly about it (that SU will), but you never know. The situation I'm in is kind of weird. I've had schools one day telling me we're going to offer you and the next day, you never hear from them because of the situation I was in."

As for what he thought of SU during his visit:

"It was neat ... a lot of snow," Moore said. "I don't get to see that too often. It was different. The campus was kind of open. I was thinking in New York, it was going to be huge towers and buildings everywhere. It was a pretty campus."

Moore said he brought along highlight DVDs that did not work when he arrived in Syracuse. He said he got home and FedEx-ed new DVDs to Syracuse coaches.

Moore said he spoke to offensive coordinator Rob Spence on Friday morning and told him he put the DVDs in shipping that day. Spence told him the coaching staff would review the footage and get back in touch with Moore. Spence told Moore that if the coaches like what they saw, they would bring Spence back to Syracuse on an official visit "and go from there." Moore said today he has not heard back from Syracuse coaches, who are are the annual coaching convention in Nashville.

Yeah, we'll see how "neat" that snow is come January of your freshman year, Clay.  Not that I'm trying to scare you or anything...

Rivals does report that SU verbal commitment Raheem Cardwell may no longer be on our list.  So it goes...can't win'm all.