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Syracuse Basketball: Generations


That's Gerry McNamara (#12), Donte Greene (#22) and Damone Brown (#11) on the Reno Bighorns bench  Reader Brad sent over some photos that friend Kevin Z. took during last night's 106-97 win over the LA D-Fenders.  Judging by how close he was able to get, great seats clearly still available at the Reno Bighorns box office.

Damone Brown got the start and scored 8.  Despite coming off the bench, Donte Greene put up 14 points in 32 minutes.  Gerry added 5 points and 3 assists.  More photos below...

Gerry_bench_medium Gerry_warm-up_mediumGerry_timeout_medium
By the way...if you add up all of their jersey numbers, you get 45.  One more than 44.  Coincidence?


Not sure if you can buy Reno Bighorn jerseys but if the chance to own your very own Donte Greene Reno gear becomes available, this is where it'll be.