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Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter 12/9 Update a.k.a. Who The F*** Is Tim Murphy?

Tom Dienhart confirmed today that Syracuse has spoken with Tim Murphy about the head coaching opening.


You mean Tim Murphy the Congressman?  Or Tim Murphy the former Canadian Chief of Staff?  Or how bout Tim Murphy the band?  Last one hasn't updated their website since 2007 so...probably not.

The Tim Murphy in question is Tim Murphy the head coach of Harvard.  See, and you didn't think it could get any lower than fighting over MAC coaches...

Murphy has been the Crimson King since 1995 and has compiled an 88-51 record, the 2nd most wins in school history.  Harvard went undefeated in 2004 and the Crimson have won at least 7 games in each of the last 7 seasons.  Previous to his time at Harvard, he was the head coach at Cincinnati ('89 - '93). 

No idea from Dienhart as to when SU spoke with Murphy but I would assume it's rather recent given the news.  And unless things go horibly awry in New York tonight, like DOCTOR Gross spills wine all over Skip Holtz's wife's dress, I doubt he'll be a factor.  Still, it's just reinforncement that the DOC truly left no stone uncovered in this search.  Sometimes there's such a thing as being too thorough.

Let's update the Sexy-O-Meter!


1. Skip Holtz (HC - East Carolina) - That Lou Holtz video on is a huge tip-off.  Plus, Skip isn't exactly denying anything at this point. (1)

2. Doug Marrone (OC, New Orleans Saints) - Ladies Love Doug Marrone. It's fact. (2)

3. Al Golden (HC, Temple) (3)

4. Turner Gill (HC - Buffalo) - With Mike Leach seemingly dropping out, all signs point to Turner Gill in Auburn. (4)

5. Tim Murphy (HC, Harvard) - If Tom Dienhart says it, it must be true. (UNR)

6. Kevin Rogers (QB Coach, Minnesota Vikings) (5)

7. Steve Addazio (Asst., Florida)  (6)

8. Paul Alexander (Asst. HC, Cincinnati Bengals) (7)

9. Randy Edsall (HC, UConn)  - For posterity (8)

10. Tommy Tuberville (Unemployed) (10)

Dropped Out: Mark Whipple (sorry, Whipper.)