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If nothing else, all of the content on is always very strategically placed.  There's never anything on there that they don't want on there and special care if always given to make sure positive SU-related items are focused on and negative SU-related items and shunned and buried.  And certainly, anytime an issue is still in doubt and subject to rumor and innuendo, avoids it like the plague.

Unless a photo of DOCTOR Gross is involved...

So in the midst of an uncertain coaching search, it HAS TO be considered curious that they not only posted an interview with Lou Holtz in which Lou discusses how great Skip is and the possibility of him coaching SU, but that they are openly promoting the video.

You don't need Orange All-Access, you can watch it for free (hmmm... #1), it's the first option that comes up if you're looking for more content in the current top story (hmmm...#2) and SU is promoting the video via the OrangeEmpire Twitter Feed and the OrangeEmpire Facebook group (hmmm...#3).

If you've followed SU Athletics for long enough you know that they don't do stuff like this unless it's in their best interest. As usual, take from it what you will.  But this definitely is notable, especially given the situation.