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The Kige Ramsey Endorsement For The SU Job Is In

New York Coaches Association, SU alumni, sports journalists...sure, they've all made their picks and endorsements for the Syracuse head coaching position.  But who cares what they think, really?  They don't have their fingers on the pulse of American sports the way someone like YouTube Sports correspondent Kige Ramsey does.

I decided it was time for Kige to break his long-standing silence on the issue and I confronted him with the tough question during a chat on his website today:

[Comment From NunesMagician] Kige, who should Syracuse hire as their next football coach?

Skip Holtz

[Comment From techdawg2007] Kige, will you forget us when you make it big?


There you have it.  If he weren't already atop the Sexy-O-Meter, he would be now.

Nice to know the second thing, too.