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Can't Stop The Gregisms

Four Gregisms have made it to the 2nd round:

"Really, the second half of South Florida was really our first half of bad football probably of the year."

"Time, we're working for it to be on our side."

"This team has a chance to have a lot of leadership; a lot of leadership, all through out of it."

"When I come in here and tell you the things that I tell you, I like to believe I'm telling you straight up just what I believe."

Let's send one more...

Date: Too many to be specific.

"Time will tell"

And as we all know, time told.


Date: October 19th, 2008

"As I look at the film, I can see we could've done things better."

The fun part is trying to guess what game in the last four years Greg is talking about.

You have a day to guess, although something tells me it won't take long to decide the winner.