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Kevin Gilbride Saves Us The Trouble

ESPNNews is apparently reporting that Kevin Gilbride has declined Syracuse's offer to interview for the head coaching position.(The folks on Syracusefan are confirming this).   I'd be embarrassed that we're getting turned away by a lifer NFL assistant with no other real offers on the table except that I'm just so relieved.

Gilbride would have been a horrible choice and my guess is that the only reason the offer was extended was as a courtesy to Tom Coughlin, who initiated the idea many months back.  Gilbride hasn't been in the college game since the mid-80's and even then he was working at 1-AA schools.  No thanks.

Too much going on today to wait until tomorrow so we're going to update the Sexy-O-Meter right here and now!



1. Skip Holtz (HC - East Carolina) - Skip's wife is seen buying an orange sweater before they head for NY to meet with SU officials.  Good sign or just looking for a sign? (1)

2. Doug Marrone (OC, New Orleans Saints) - On the basis of one interview, he's everyone's sexy pick all of a sudden.  Do we really know this guy though? (2)

3. Al Golden (HC, Temple) - From out of the picture to in the hunt in a matter of 24 hours.  Golden seemingly rejected the Orange but Donnie Webb says he's one of the front-runners.  WTF? (UNR)

4. Turner Gill (HC - Buffalo) - Every few hours he seems to be getting more and more overtures from Auburn. (3)

5. Kevin Rogers (QB Coach, Minnesota Vikings) (5)

6. Steve Addazio (Asst., Florida) - Furiously scribbling... (6)

7. Paul Alexander (Asst. HC, Cincinnati Bengals) (7)

8. Randy Edsall (HC, UConn) - If UConn beats Buffalo in the International Bowl, does that put him back in the race and move him ahead of Gill? (8)

9. Mark Whipple (Asst., Philadelphia Eagles) (9)

10. Tommy Tuberville (Unemployed) - C'mon Tubs, make our dreams come true. (10)

Dropped out: Kevin Gilbride. (Thank God)

H/T: brew7vwp