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SU Basketball Five Weeks Away From Being #1

Give or take.

The new polls are out and despite only playing one game, and barely winning it, the Orange rise in both one of them.

In the AP, the Orange go from #16 to #13.  In the Coaches Poll, SU hits #16 a week after being #20.  The D. O. Sports Blog perspectives things up:

The new polls are out and Syracuse is No. 13 in the AP and 16 in the Coaches’. No. 13 is the highest for Syracuse since Feb. 19, 2005 when SU was ranked No. 9 and lost at No. 6 Boston College.

Or, like I said, 1,389 days. Not bad.

In other words, commence being fearful Cuse Nation.  We have national prominence now.

Despite the high rankings the Orange are only the fifth-highest-seeded Big East team.  UConn (#2), Pitt (#3), Louisville (#9/#10) and Notre Dame (#12/#13) are ahead.  Villanova, Georgetown and Marquette bring up the rear. 

The Orange return to action this Saturday when Long Beach State comes to the Dome.  Only remaining question is, will Eric Devendorf be there too?