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The NFL Network Breaks College Football News?

Take this for what it's worth (especially in the wake of the Chris Peterson-to-Mississippi State snafu yesterday).  Via the fine folk over at the SyracuseFan Scout Board, the NFL Network says Skip Holtz will be named the next coach of SU on Monday.  Multiple people claim to have seen this on the network bottom scroll today.  Naturally, I don't get NFL Network, so...

Apparently Michael Bradley is the one saying this.  He's also the guy who reported Charlie Weis was out at Notre Dame just before it was said he would remain on so, again, take it with a pillar of salt for the moment.

Regardless, you DO get the feeling is decision is going to come down by Monday, if not tomorrow.

Update: It's 6:22pm PST now and NO ONE ELSE has yet to report this. So either it's best scoop ever or it's BS.

Update 2: finally acknowledged the report this morning.  Gross and Holtz aren't commenting.  Holtz did have something to say for himself yesterday:

"Greenville is a great place for my family, for myself professionally. You never say never. But at the same time, it would really have to be a special situation to get me out of here. I am not looking leave. I will make that promise to you."

Take it as you like.