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The Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter Is Born

Skip Holtz and DOC Gross will be in the same room together next week.  Turner Gill's AD isn't denying that Gill was interviewed.  Donnie Webb has sources that say Kevin Rogers is the front-runner for the job.  43 SU alumni have written letters to the Chancellor pushing for Steve Addazio in the 30 seconds since I've written this.  It's all so confusing...won't someone make sense of it al!?!?!?

You got it, chief. 

You want an easy-to-use chart and/or list that you can reference at any given moment to know where each candidate stands.  You want to be able to point to an arbitrary collection of names and say "There...that's how it think."   As a handy-dandy way to stay as up-to-date as possible on the daily goings-on and rumor-mongering involving the football head coach position at Syracuse University, I'm going to run a daily ranking based on many scientific criteria too in-depth for you to possibly understand.  Just trust that I have top men...TOP...MEN...working on this.

It measures who's in the hunt and who's kidding themselves.  It measures who's the most likely to be the next coach and who's the most likely to have to wait until the head coaching job at Cortland State opens up.  Most of all, it measures who's the sexy pick for the next coach of Syracuse football.

And so I give you the very first Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter:


1. Turner Gill (HC - Buffalo) - This is what happens when you lead your team to it's first-ever conference title and first-ever bowl game by beating an undefeated top 15 team, not to mention doing so two hours away from Syracuse, NY.

2. Skip Holtz (HC - East Carolina) - Kudos on winning your conference as well, Skippy.  Still likely to get an offer before Gill but Gill's surge into the spotlight might move things along quicker than expected.

3. Tommy Tuberville (Unemployed) - Just by being available.  He'd be at the top of the list if we knew that he was actually interested in the job...or coaching at all next season.

4. Kevin Rogers (QB Coach, Minnesota Vikings) - Has the Donovan McNabb seal of approval.  Then again, do we really want Mr. what's-a-tie? to be determining the direction of our program?  According to a Donnie Webb source, he's the front-runner.  Seems unlikely.

5. Doug Marrone (OC, New Orleans Saints) - Some say his interview was just a courtesy, others say his interview blew DOC away.  People say a lot of things...

6. Steve Addazio (Asst., Florida) - Most SU fans probably had no idea who he was before an onslaught of letters from Rob Konrad and other alums raved about the former SU assistant.  In fact, we STILL don't know too much about him.

7. Randy Edsall (HC, UConn) - Yeah, I know.  He's emphatically not interested.  But seriously you really believe that door is completely shut?  I say no.

8. Mike Locksley (OC, Illinois) - The highly-touted recruiter-extrodinaire was one of the initial interviews.  Since then...nothing.

9. Paul Alexander (Asst. HC, Cincinnati Bengals)  - The NY State Coaches Association gave him their endorsement.  But seriously...a longtime NFL assistant who hasn't worked in the college game in over a decade?  Didn't we just do this?

10. Mark Whipple (Asst., Philadelphia Eagles) - Probably just a courtesy interview on behalf of Donovan.

Check back daily for the revised Syracuse Coaching Search Sexy-O-Meter.