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Of Turner Gill And "New York's College Team"

Ball State was undefeated coming into tonight's MAC Championship game.  The storyline was supposed to be that the 13-0 Cardinals would head to the Humanitarian Bowl to play equally undefeated Boise State in arguably the most-anticipated non-BCS conference team bowl game ever.  Then Ball State chickened out.  And that angered the college football Gods.  It angered them greatly.  And so, God sent his own personal warrior to lay vengeance upon thee.

Buffalo 42, Ball State 24.

Turner Gill led his Bulls to their first-ever MAC Conference championship, their first-ever win over Ball State (1-7 all-time).  They did it by outscoring the Cardinals 35-14 in the second half and forcing five turnovers.

When I logged in this evening (at 10:30pm on a Friday night...sorry), I had a Facebook message waiting for me from reader Jon. H that read:

If Dr. Gross doesn't start slinging some serious cash at Gill by the end of the week, his position as AD should be "re-evaluated". I don't care if he waits until after his bowl game or does it now, but he should be the next SU coach.

I was a little confused as it seems like a random sentiment to send over on a Friday evening.  Then I saw the Buffalo score and it all came together.

If SU wasn't serious about making a play for Turner Gill before, they better be now.  Cause guess what...if Mike Leach does leave for Auburn, I guarantee you Turner Gill is on their shortlist now.  I bet someone over at Auburn, Mississippi State, Boise State, East Carolina and any other school with a vacancy or expecting a vacancy is compiling info on Gill right now. 

Whatever SU could have gotten him for last week is probably a couple hundred K less than what it'll take now.  I wouldn't say he's priced out by any means but every week the "legend of Turner Gill" grows now, the steeper it gets.  HE JUST WON THE MAC WITH BUFFALO AND HE BEAT AN UNDEFEATED TOP 15 TEAM TO DO IT!  That's crazy-talk.

Skip Holtz's Pirates play tomorrow and by Sunday, everyone should know where they're spending their Christmas and New Year's days.  It also means the time for pussyfooting around is over.  DOC, get a deal done ASAP.  If Holtz is your man, don't wait for the award banquet.  Or at least put it out there that you're leaning towards Gill so Holtz starts sweating.   If Gill is your man, make the move.  There's no reason to wait any longer.

Unless Tommy Tuberville is making a play behind the scenes, I think it's pretty clear who the top choices are (Gill, Holtz, Locksley) and who isn't (everyone else).  As a great man once said, "The time for talking is over.  The time for doing has begun."

Seriously though, everyone associated with Syracuse football..Buffalo is officially better than us right now.  W.T.F.