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Check Your Voicemail, DOCTOR Gross May Have Called

It's official.  If you're name has come up even once in coaching speculation or rumors for the Syracuse job, you WILL be interviewed for the job.  So get your college roommate to write a letter to Nancy Cantor ASAP if you want to be considered.

Donnie Webb gets us up to speed on the goings on:

Florida assistant and Rob Konrad buddy Steve Addazio - interviewed in-person according to a source

Vikings assistant, former SU offensive assistant and Donovan McNabb buddy Kevin Rogers - interviewed in person according to a source

Buffalo head coach Turner Gill - Possibly interviewed in person.  That's backed up by this:

University of Buffalo director of athletics Warde Manuel said he had no comment "on any aspects of coaching searches at this time" when asked if Syracuse had contacted him seeking permission to speak with Gill.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that's a yes.

We already know Saints assistant and former SU player Doug Marrone was interviewed but Donnie provides a little more detail on the encounter:

"We just talked about what we need to do to get the program in better shape," Marrone told Kider. "Whether I'm a candidate or not, I don't know."

One source said Marrone might be a secondary candidate. Another said he vaulted up the charts after the interview.

Make up your mind, sources!

Of course, I'm obligated under Syracuse coaching search bylaw 7.34b that states "Skip Holtz must be mentioned in all blog posts and updates pertaining to the coaching position" to mention Skipper.   Therefore...

The Orange Fuzz has a source claiming that Skip Holtz is indeed Candidate #1 for the job.  Considering he's about to attend an event that DOCTOR Gross, Don McPherson and assumedly Dick MacPherson will be at, that's understandable.

Steve Franklin of the Washington Daily News says Holtz to Syracuse is a no-brainer:

Syracuse, which went 10-36 in Robinson’s four years as coach, also would like someone with a proven track record of rebuilding a program.

Check. Look no further than the job Holtz has done in Greenville. Holtz inherited a team that was 3-20 in two seasons under former coach John Thompson.

The Pirates won five games in Holtz’s first season, and in year two, the 44-year old coach led East Carolina back to a bowl game for the first time in five seasons. Last season, Holtz led ECU to eight wins and a bowl victory for the first time since 2000.

This season, he’s done even better, becoming the first C-USA coach to lead his team to back-to-back wins over Top 25 teams (the Pirates actually won three straight). He also guided ECU to the C-USA East Division title, despite injuries to 22 members of the two-deep depth chart.

But hold the phone, says Kevin Mahar.  Mahar just started his own blog on the WTVH website and he's kicking things off with a bit of Devil's Advocate opinion...what's so great about Skip Holtz?

I don't get what the facination is with Skip. I'm a little worried about a guy who has used a lot of nepotism to advance through the coaching ranks. It makes me wonder if he's really earned all of his chances or if Daddy is pulling some strings.

Plus, it's not like Skip tore it up at UConn back in the day. UConn being an east coach school trying to build itself up from the lower rungs. (Where have I heard that before) If he did, why am I always hearing about Randy Edsall being the guy who led UConn into D-I and made it the program it is today.

And from what I hear from some people who live in Carolina and follow the state's sports scene: East Carolina is where football players go when their not allowed in to Duke, UNC or NC State. Those kind of standards don't fly with Nancy The Chancellor.

Did Wayne Mahar's son just accuse someone of nepotism? Is that legal? Oops. He doesn't even have the same last name. I'm an idiot.

Yes, Edsall does get most of the credit for turning UConn in the "power" that it is today but if Skip Holtz doesn't turn UConn into a perennial winner in 1-AA first then Randy Edsall is probably still battling with Syracuse in the Big East basement.

I'm a little confused by the second argument.  Duke, UNC and NC State are in a BCS conference and East Carolina is not.  OF COURSE players would rather go to one of the aforementioned ACC schools over ECU.  Not to mention the fact that East Carolina is a much better football program than Duke and arguably better than NC State, so that says a lot about Holtz's ability to win with lesser talent.  It's like saying Turner Gill isn't a worthy candidate because Buffalo is where player go when they can't get into Syracuse even though the Bulls are doing well and Syracuse blows ass.