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Obligatory Syracuse Coaching Search Post

What would a day be...

Looks like Steve Sarkasian is taking the Washington job, which means...well...nothing to us.  That only really effects Chris Peterson and I think we can all agree that he's not on our real list.

If you're a betting man (or woman), you have to put the smart money on Skip Holtz to win, Mike Locksley to place and Turner Gill to show with Doug Marrone, Steve Addazio and Mark Whipple bringing up the rear.

You have to feel for East Carolina fans a little bit.  They can't least not long-term.  The second one of their coaches puts a good team on the field, he's off to greener pastures.  Although now that I realize Pat Dye, he of the pussiest decision in the history of college football, is a Pirate...I don't feel as bad.

I have actually just been handed some very important and late-breaking news.  It seems that, due to the increase in national exposure that the current coaching search has provided to DOCTOR Daryl Gross, he will be extending the head coaching search indefinitely.  We have many more Gross-related discussions in USA Today to come...

H/T: Three Idiots