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Greatest Gregisms Continues

Yesterday it wasn't even close. The runaway winner and first Gregisms to make it into the 2nd round is...

"Really, the second half of South Florida was really our first half of bad football probably of the year."

Let's find out who's joining it. first up, a nugget from July 17, 2008:

"Time, we're working for it to be on our side."

Greg's attempts to bend the space-time continuum were in vain. No matter how he tried, he couldn't travel back in time to schedule Louisville over and over. Every time he did, the universe shifted and put Penn State back on the schedule. Butterfly effect, man.


"I like Vinny in a lot of ways...I feel him out there..."

That's from April 2nd, 2008 and Greg is referring to DE Vincenzo Giruzzi. A little inappropriate but, with those abs, I think we can all understand.

So who moves on to round 2? Voting will run through the end of the day. Do things...