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Good Luck With All That, LSU

I said a couple weeks back that you shouldn't worry about Greg Robinson's post-Syracuse job prospects.  He's got enough connections and high-ranking football friends to ensure that he'll get a job somewhere halfway decent.

But I didn't think it might be an SEC team.  And I certainly didn't think he's have a chance to move right back to defensive coordinator.  Tell us more, Donnie:

LSU football coach Les Miles has apparently inquired about bringing former Syracuse coach Greg Robinson to Baton Rouge as his defensive coordinator.

Contacted Thursday night, Robinson did not deny the contact about the LSU job, though he said the information might be "reaching a little bit." He said he's weighing all his options.

Robinson indicated he's received other coaching inquiries. He said there have "been some calls about certain things. I'm not in a position at this time to make a decision."

I know it was a tough year, Tiger fans, but don't do something drastic.  Just as an FYI...

  • 2006 SU Defense: 107th in nation
  • 2007 SU Defense: 111th in nation
  • 2008 SU Defense: 114th in nation