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Boeheim Briefly Entertains The Unwashed Masses

We already know Jim Boeheim's feelings on texting so I can imagine chatting online isn't exactly his cup of tea either.  However, Jimmy B sat down with ESPN to do a brief online chat yesterday and there's a few noteworthy nuggets tucked in there:

Jonathan: If you could bring one player back from a past team who would it be and why?

SportsNation Jim Boeheim: Well there are a lot of guys I would like to bring back, but a big forward who could score like Carmelo Anthony would be a nice fit, especially with this year's team. But he would be a good fit on any team.

Let's do that.

Joe: Ithaca, NY: Jim - Can you spot anything specific to work on with the team that will help cut down on the turnovers?

SportsNation Jim Boeheim: Great question. It is the one area we need to improve. I think we force plays at times, when they are not there. There is a fine line between that opening going to the basket, which we are good at, but sometimes that area is too congested and that is when turnovers happen. So we need to pick our spots better. And at times we need better focus.

Let's do that as well.  You can read the whole transcript here.  It's not that not long, I think Jim got antsy.