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The Empire Strikes

What the shit is this???


Head over to today and you'll be greeted by the splashiest splash page that ever did splash.  Someone over at SU Athletics has discovered the Interwebs and it looks like SU is going to reaching out to us nerds in our parents' basement like never before.

Syracuse University embraces you – Orange fans – the most loyal in all of college sports. We appreciate your passion for our teams. Our student-athletes thrive on it!

ORANGEEMPIRE will bring you even closer to the action. This media network will deliver up-to-the minute news right to you.

Anxious to know who will be our next head football coach? Want to receive important announcements about basketball, lacrosse and all of our teams?


Go Orange!

You can tell OrangeEmpire to contact you via email, phone or...get a load of this...Facebook and Twitter. Hooray Webertubes!

SU Athletics is your Mom who just discovered Facebook and made her own profile page.  You're not quite sure what she's gonna do with it, how often she'll update and if you even want her to see what's going on over in your corner of the Web...but there's no going back now.

I don't see a Twitter account yet and there's no telling if any of those SU Facebook accounts are theirs.  That's okay's a brave new world, SU Athletics.  By all means, if you need some helping hands, let us know.  We won't bite.  We won't take photos of you making the shocker gesture while telling you it doesn't mean something bad.  Promise.

(Ed. Note - Looks like the official Facebook Group is up.)