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  • Maybe Al Golden is holding out for the Penn State job...Black Shoe Diaries
  • Weighing in on the SU coaching search...Tell Me How My Orange Tastes
  • "Syracuse is back" is one of the five things learned so far about Big East
  • Boise State vs. Ball State won't happen out of respect to conference "bowl partners."  I love how we finally had the chance to make a game between two mid-major conference teams exciting and worth watching and it's shot down because the bowls would rather both of them play a 6-6 ACC squad.  Awesome...ESPN
  • Buy one ticket to the ACC Championship, get one free.  Yikes...EDSBS

Did The Robinsons already pack up and move?  If not, I'd like to suggest this guy to help them out.  I'm willing to bet he'll undercut U-Haul's offer by 25%.  At least: