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Is It Time To Get Worried About The Coaching Search Yet?

Randy Edsall?  Categorically off the books (publicly).

Chip Kelly? No longer available.

Lane Kiffin?  In Tennessee.

Mike Leach?  Seriously now, you guys...

Chris Peterson?  Probably going to Washington.

Al Golden?  Not interested. (Let that simmer for a minute..the head coach of Temple football feels as though he's better off there than coaching Syracuse.) what point do am I allowed to start getting concerned?

I know, there's still plenty of decent names out there that still need to be vetted.  Mike Locksley, Dan Mullen, Turner Gill, Skip Holtz.  But it seems like every day that passes another one of those guys gets locked in to a new situation or makes his feelings about the position known.  Tom Petty was right, waiting truly is the hardest part.

Donnie Webb breaks down the thought process on Tuberville, the brand new white whale of the coaching search process.  Would he work in Syracuse?  Would he be interested in Syracuse?  Is he even interested in coaching at all next season?  Dude's got a $5 million buyout coming his way...take a vaca, Tommy.

But as Donnie notes, it's not so much Tuberville that should concern SU at this point, its the aftershocks of his firing.  If Mike Leach goes to Auburn that opens up a decent Big 12 job, which might just take Turner Gill off the table.  Or even Skip Holtz or one of the fancy coordinators we've been taking about.

Something about all of those other guys who are actively campaigning for the job worry the hell out of me.  Have some self-respect.  At least get Rob Konrad to write a letter of recommendation for you or something.  It's kinda like religious people who show up at my door.  If your religion was so great, I would find out on own, join, shave my head and stop standing for the national anthem.  But it isn't, so I don't, so you shouldn't either.

The wait might very well be due to the fact that Turner, Skip and a few other coaches still have games to play and out of respect we're not talking yet, or at least not making it public.  But even if that's the case, I'd like to know what's up by Sunday afternoon.  I don't think I can take another week of watching other programs getting good coaches while we float in the ether.

At least one guy has our back, even if he is a Michigan man...

Clemson hiring a WR coach instead of going on a search. The only program out there who seemed to know what they were doing was Syracuse, which was pursuing Chip Kelly, and now Kelly is the coach-in-waiting at Oregon so they're SOL. I don't understand why someone hasn't thrown stupid money at Brian Kelly, even if he is a legendary jerk.

Where the hell are all the good "Brian Kelly is a Jerk" stories???

H/T: Dan R.