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SU Survives The Red Menace

Sooner or later, Syracuse’s penchant for poor starts is bound to come back and haunt.

That's from the AP wrap-up on last night's 88-78 win over Cornell and I'm inclined to agree.  The Orange were lucky to find Cornell is foul trouble early and evade some red-hot shooting to eek out a win.  Visions of the Virginia game danced in my head all night, don't know about you.  But the Orange are indeed now 8-0 and with that being their only game this week before a 9-day rest, they will remain among the land of the ranked once again.

The Orange seem to be playing two types of games this season.  The complete annihilation game where everything's clicking and everyone's doing their part.  Or, the glass half full/half empty game where SU digs themselves into a hole and scraps their way out of it.  The scrapiness is to be appreciated...but it would be nice not to be in the hole in the first place.

Who else but Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris led the Orange in scoring with 24 and 21 respectively.  Flynn added six assists but he also added six turnovers.  Harris was a rebound short of a double-double.  Devo had 15 and Onuaku, who went scoreless in the first half, scored 12 in the 2nd half.

Kris Joseph is officially a full-fledged rotation member.  He played 24 minutes and collected a "triple-fourer" with 4 points, 4 boards and 4 steals.

From the free-throw line the Orange shot .711 (27-38), not too shabby.  Paul Harris was 9-10 so gold star for him.  Onuaku was 2-8 from the line, so, no gold star for him.

Get your much better recaps and info below from the people who actually watched the game.  The Orange are off until December 13th when 4-2 Long Beach State comes to town.  Then two days later it's frisky Cleveland State.  Be afraid.

Coach Boeheim: Syracuse vs Cornell

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)