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Tommy Can You Hear Us?

Tommy Tuberville is out at Auburn.  We need a coach.  Just sayin'.

Tuberville was 85-40 in 10 years at Auburn, and is 110-60 in 14 years as a college head coach. His final season at Auburn ended with a 36-0 loss to Alabama last Saturday to finish off a disappointing 5-7 record. The loss ended a six-year winning streak against Tuberville's biggest rival.

It was a tough year for Auburn but let's face it.  That Auburn team still probably could have gone at least 7-5 in the Big East this season.  And sure they lost to Alabama, but they did beat their rival SIX TIMES in a row before that.

You may also remember Tommy's work from the 2003 13-0 season in which Auburn got shut out of the national title game.  That was a decent year.

Check out Tommy's pre-2008 reign here.  Note that Auburn won at least 9 games in six of the previous eight seasons before this one. 

Who knows what Tommy's agenda is right now.  He's probably got a lot on his mind.  But I'd be shocked if DOCTOR Gross isn't lobbing a phone call to his agent right about now.  Tuberville should righly join the rest of the candidates, all of whom are neatly catalogued by Donnie Webb here.

Donnie also makes a really good point.  We were probably much closer to getting Chip Kelly than we realize.  You don't just name your 2nd-year offensive coordinator as coach-in-waiting just because he lines up one interview.

And so we wait...

(H/T: Cody)

Keep an eye on Track'em Tigers in the meantime for news...