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Ugh. Dick Vitale Likes Us.

Is it me or can you not even read anything Dick Vitale writes because you just hear his voice in your head saying each word?  He's annoying enough on my television, I don't need him poking around in my head.

We know from the SU-Kansas game that Dick is a fan of our work so far this season.  And now that it's common knowledge that SU is good any you'd have to have been living under a rock for the last week not to know that, Dick has penned his inevitable "Look out for Syracuse!" article:

How about a salute to the Orange of Syracuse! Keep an eye on Jim Boeheim's club. I had them at the CBE Classic in Kansas City and I was impressed. This team fights and scraps, coming back from big deficits to get to the winner's circle. That happened against Kansas and Virginia recently, but the Orange got the job done.

It's less an article than a collection of glorified bullet points, but you already knew that.  Vitale is sticking to the same opinions he had during the Kansas win...Onuaku doesn't know how good he really is, Paul Harris is athletic and Jonny Flynn "loves to win."  Unlike Sherron Collins, who enjoys losing.

I see Syracuse going back to the big dance after a two-season absence.

Thank God for your expert analysis.  What would we do without it?  What do we do WITH it?

I liked this line though...

It is hard to believe Syracuse was picked eighth in the Big East preseason poll. That says a lot about the conference, baby.

Do you think Vitale originally wrote it without the "baby" like a normal person but then ESPN's "Vitale Editor" stepped in and said "We need more Dicky V in this thing" and the "baby" was added? 

I say yes.

The only thing worse than this is the inevitable "I Told You So!" article he's going to write in 4 months when SU makes the NCAA Tourney.

Correction, Dick Vitale is also worse than this.  He's the worst.