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Mitch Browning Is Realistic

Why did no one find it odd that ever since he took the Syracuse job, Mitch Browning has been living in a hotel?  Did no one stop to think that might be a noteworthy comment on how Browning saw the situation and the realistic chance that it would work out? 

"Best decision I ever made," Browning said Tuesday. "I was a little bit nervous about the real-estate market because I had just sold a house in Minnesota, and I was a little nervous about jumping into something and buying something and having to turn around and sell it within a year."

Well regardless, Mitch's concerns were justified as he now begins the process of finding a new job.  Having gone through this before at Minnesota, Mitch has no illusions about how things will go once the new coach is hired:

"I'm planning on sticking around here and following up on some of these recruits," Browning said. "You kind of hang around until the new guy comes in, and he kind of gives you a token interview. I would say chances are slim to none (of him being retained). He might keep one or two guys."

Browning said he would certainly consider staying on if offered.

"If it was the right guy," he said, "because this program has great tradition and there's no reason why it can't be a legitimate program."

Fare thee well, Mitch. Our time together was brief but memorable.  Between your hatred for fat people and you're gruff, interview style, you found a place in our hearts...I think...somewhere...I guess.  As you said, the chance remains that might stick around but in the likely scenerio that you don't, good luck.  And please, tip the cleaning lady well.  She's sick of picking up your tighty-whities.

Mitch, it's time to come home: