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The Greatest Gregism Tournament - Elite 8

I give you, your Greatest Gregism of All-Time Elite 8:

#1 - "I really like his want-to"


#15 - "When I come in here and tell you the things that I tell you, I like to believe I'm telling you straight up just what I believe."

#5 - "We need to get started. But this is the start of it. It's not about it. It's about doing about it. "


#6 - "Don't try to figure it out because it isn't figured out yet. That's really what I tell you. It is and it isn't."

#4 - "When I came here, I had my vision. That's what it is. That's all it is. I think it's coming to fruition in my own mind."


#8 - "Time, we're working for it to be on our side."

#3 - "It can maybe snowball into something that can catch fire..."


#10 - "I think we'll be vastly improved. That doesn't mean we can't win."

We're gonna barrel through these all today so we can vote on the Final Four tomorrow and then have one big Champion decided by the New Year. Finally, we will know which is the Greatest Gregism of all time. The debate

The first vote is below...we'll follow up with more during the day. Get to it...all polls close tonight.